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Gitisha Goel

Gitisha Goel

GIS Specialist, Atlanta

Phone: 678-638-4133

Ms. Gitisha Goel (GISP, M.H.P., Georgia State University) has been with Brockington and Associates since October 2007 and serves as a GIS Specialist/Historian in our Atlanta office. She has experience conducting architectural field surveys and archival research, although she currently specializes in GIS applications and creating databases and graphics crucial for cultural resource management. Ms. Goel manages spatial data for projects including pre-field preparation, mid-project management, and post-field analysis and cartography. This work includes deploying and managing mobile devices and GPS units in the field and working closely with project archaeologists and historians throughout the project. This allows Ms. Goel to develop GIS workflows and solutions that increase the efficiency and analytic power of spatial data collected during fieldwork, as well as develop and maintain customized GIS tools for automation, management, and analysis of spatial data. Ms. Goel can also run spatial density modeling and probability modeling for archaeological investigations, create historic resource GIS databases, produce high-quality maps and graphics for reports and studies, and is skilled at analyzing and geo-referencing historic maps and aerials.

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