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Scott Butler

Scott Butler

Senior Archaeologist, Vice President, Atlanta

Phone: 678-638-4116

Mr. Scott Butler (M.H.P., University of Georgia, RPA) has served as a Brockington and Associates archaeologist, historian, and project manager since joining the firm in 1990. Mr. Butler has completed numerous cultural resource projects throughout the Southeast, as well as in Wisconsin, New York, Utah, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands. Mr. Butler holds an undergraduate degree in Archaeological Sciences, and has strong historic architectural and archival research interests. As a result of his interdisciplinary background, Mr. Butler often concurrently acts as senior archaeologist, historian, and architectural historian for cultural resource projects. Recently, Mr. Butler has become an expert in the archaeology of forts, battlefields, and military encampments. Long an historian of military strategy, tactics, equipment, and weapons, Mr. Butler has studied archaeological deposits of forts, battlefields, and depots from the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812, the Civil War, and the Spanish American War. He has built a deep base of comparative historical and archaeological data, as well as developing effective field methods to discover and record fragile soil features and artifact remains from these sites. Mr. Butler is a company Vice President and serves as a senior project manager in our Atlanta office.

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