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Brockington and Associates provides a wide variety of cultural resources management and consulting services.

Our technical knowledge, innovative scoping, quality control, and responsive scheduling allow us to provide our clients with best-in-the-field service. Our work helps our clients satisfy requirements of the National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA), including Section 106 and Section 110; the National Environmental Preservation Act (NEPA); and other state and local regulations.

Our range of services includes site inspections and monitoring, cultural resource assessments, histories, surveys, data recoveries, Historic Properties and Buildings Management Plans, facilitation of American Indian tribal consultation, archaeological curation processing. We are an industry leader in promoting and designing non-traditional mitigation methods, including exhibits, educational programs, books, websites and many more.

Archaeology »

Archaeological survey is a key component to NHPA compliance. Our archaeologists identify archaeological resources in a given Area of Potential Effects. We assess significant finds and prescribe methods of avoiding or mitigating these effects.

History & Historic Architecture »

Brockington and Associates has developed a unit of historians with a broad range of expertise. While some specialize in historic architecture, others are cross-trained in GIS application, oral history or administrative history.

Tribal Consultation »

Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966 emphasizes consultation with Native Americans and Hawaiians, respecting their tribal sovereignty. Tribal representatives must be consulted about undertakings affecting their traditional lands.

Exhibits & Education »

Brockington has been designing exhibits and interpretive materials throughout our 26-year history. Our exhibit design capabilities include components as simple as interpretive panels, and as complex as thematic built environments with multimedia components.

Military Studies »

We have developed specialized methods to identify and understand military sites such as battlefields. We work closely with numerous clients to evaluate, and mitigate military sites across the United States, from the Revolutionary War through the Cold War.

GIS & Spatial Analysis »

GIS and spatial analysis is used to evaluate potential adverse effects to historic properties through visibility, buffer, and cost-distance evaluations. We can also recreate and analyze historic and prehistoric cognitive landscapes, and develop probability models.

Archival Preservation »

We can help manage your organization’s archival records and specialized library collections. We’ll work with you on everything from space planning to selecting and integrated collections management and cataloging systems.

Collections Management »

Our staff has acquired significant expertise in the detailed management of databases, documents, and artifacts. We conduct conservation and stabilization of materials through a national network of specialists.

Permit Planning & Licensing »

Our work at its most basic is to assist clients meet cultural properties requirements for permits and licenses. Experience has taught us the best way to identify our clients’ regulatory needs of, regardless of the permitting agency, and the most efficient way to pursue it.

Cemetery Services »

We work carefully with the proper authorities to document human burials. When graves or cemeteries cannot be preserved, they may be relocated with respect and sensitivity, in accordance with applicable state laws.

Transportation Projects »

Brockington has the expertise and experience to make your highway project a success. We have conducted hundreds of projects for state Departments of Transportation and in cooperation with the Federal Highway Administration.

Pipeline & Utility Services »

Pipelines and utilities are the lifeblood of American industry. New corridors must be constructed in accordance with Sections 106 and 110 of the National Historic Preservation Act and National Environmental Policy Act, among other regulations.

Oral History »

Whether your needs are for marketing or education, Oral History can help recount the compelling personal narratives of your community, corporation, or agency. We can help you re-tell these stories.

Administrative History »

Brockington has the know-how to to properly tell your organization’s story. Our historians develop detailed narratives from complex source materials. Our goal is well-balanced, thoughtful, and thorough analysis of the past to guide the needs of the future.


When significant historical buildings or structures cannot be preserved, recordation and documentation often serves as a mitigation of the loss. Brockington can provide detailed photographic documentation, archival research, and other materials required.