Ben Roberts to Chair Roundtable at Archaeological Institute of America Conference, January 5-8, 2012

Captain Ben Roberts of Brockington’s Savannah office will be chairing a roundtable discussion on post-crisis contingency planning for cultural resources as part of a workshop entitled Cultural Preservation in a Dangerous World – Revolutions and Humanitarian Crises.

Ben’s expertise and interest in this area developed while he was serving in Iraq as a Combat Engineer Officer. He is currently interested in examining the parallels between protecting heritage resources while responding to disasters such as earthquakes/ tsunamis (abroad as well as domestically) and during armed conflicts such as civil unrest (Egypt, Libya, etc.) and all out combat (Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan, Balkans). His goal is to facilitate the contingency planning process by capitalizing on the common tactics that can be used to protect cultural resources during both natural disasters and armed conflict.

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