Brockington archaeologist to give lecture

Andrew Agha, senior archaeologist with Brockington and Associates, will be giving a public lecture titled “African-American Industry and Traditions in South Carolina: Case Studies from the Lowcountry to Highlands” on June 1 in Barry, Ill. as part of the Marvin J and Thomas Leo Likes Memorial Lecture Series.

Agha will discuss the recent excavations at Dean Hall Plantation in Berkeley County, South Carolina, which uncovered 127,000 artifacts, including 57,000 colonoware sherds. Analysis of these sherds has helped shed light on the folkways of the enslaved people at Dean Hall plantation.

The lecture series is part of the New Philadelphia 2010 Archaeological Research Project Field School in Archaeology and Laboratory Techniques, which aims to uncover the history of New Philadelphia, Ill., a multi-racial farming community founded by freed slaves.

Click here for more information about the lecture series.

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