Brockington at SEAC 2016

Sep 12, 2016

Brockington historians and archaeologists are excited to participate in the upcoming 2016 annual Southeastern Archaeological Conference (SEAC) in Athens, Georgia. In addition to presenting several papers,two members of our History Workshop will be participating in a lightning session. We will be spotlighting each of the papers below in our Research section in the lead up to SEAC, being held from October 26-29th. Congratulations to all the presenters!

Cristian La Rosa
Using LiDAR to Identify and Analyze Landscape Features associated with Historic Phosphate Mines in Coastal South Carolina.

Stacey R. Whitacre, Scott Butler, and James M. Page
Conflict Archaeology in a Modern Urban Environment: Finding the Battle of Atlanta.

Colin Partridge and James M. Page
Analysis of an Unknown Component at 38CH2048, Johns Island, Charleston County, South Carolina.

Jana J. Futch
The House Between the Rock Piles: Results of Phase III Data Recovery at 9GE2085.

Rachel Bragg and Carol Poplin
Lightning Session, “Outside the grid: Thinking Beyond the Basics of Public Outreach”
Pencils, Not Shovels.

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