Bulloch Hall Summer Camp Archaeologists

On July 7, Meagan Brady and Jana Futch from Brockington’s Atlanta office met up with kids and counselors at the annual Bulloch Hall Summer Camp in Roswell. The kids learned that the most important thing that archaeologists do is gather information, and that we collect information in many ways. First, the budding archaeologists found four different “sites” by placing flagging pins next to “artifacts.” Then they helped to map the site to determine what each one represented. The sites included a crossroads, a house with a well, a series of campfires, and a large trash pit.

Next, the kids got to handle and sort real artifacts, like prehistoric and historic ceramics, metal nails, shell, and stone tools. They imagined what the artifacts could have been used for, and what they tell us about the people who used them.

Finally, they conducted a “cookie excavation” where they could show off their excavation skills by using picks to carefully remove chocolate chip “artifacts” from their cookie “site.” This showed how difficult it can be to remove artifacts without damaging them. The kids who excavated the most artifacts had the most information about their site and the people who lived there. This task was especially difficult because the heat outdoors kept melting the chocolate chips!

All our young archaeologists did great work and we look forward to seeing them again next year!

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