Georgia’s Historic Preservation Division Honors A Brockington Project

Brockington was pleased to learn that the Georgia Historic Preservation Division (HPD) chose to feature one of our recent projects in the April, 2013 edition their online magazine Preservation Posts.  The project was a popular history of Fort McPherson written by Cameron Sexton, an accomplished historian in our Atlanta office. Titled “The Building of a Worthy Post: The History of Fort McPherson,” HPD recommends the book as engaging, concise, and visually appealing, and states that the work is “worth a read!”

Fort McPherson is an historic Army installation in southwest Atlanta that was scheduled to be closed in 2011 as part of the 2005 Defense Base Closure and Realignment and Commission (BRAC). The base closure, and planned sale out of government ownership, was deemed likely to have an effect on the 75 historic buildings at Fort McPherson. For this reason, the Federal government was obligated, under US cultural resource laws, to document the buildings and the history of the base. Ms. Sexton’s book was designed to make this history understandable and engaging for members of the public, who could then benefit from the effects of the BRAC proceedings.

Given the praise from HPD, Ms. Sexton clearly succeeded in the providing a benefit to the public, as well as to the history of the US military in the Southeast.  The book is available in several public libraries, and online in its entirety here.

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