Get a Crash Course on Interpretive Writing

Two members of our own History Workshop, Carol Poplin and Callie McLean, invite you to flex your writing muscle in a session they will lead at the Southeastern Museums Conference (SEMC).

Whether you need a refresher or are a beginner, Carol and Callie will go through the basics of how to get started writing your interpretive text for your exhibits, labels, interactives and more! They will explain how to develop a central theme and then how to determine subthemes and storylines. Activities within the workshop will allow participants to engage with one another and have hands-on experience to more effectively learn. Using an idea devised by Dr. Catherine Lewis of Kennessaw State University, who will jointly present with Carol and Callie,  participants will be challenged to create a central theme using random objects not normally seen in a museum. Moving on, Carol and Callie will explain how to get these ideas on paper (or panels, labels, etc…). Participants will understand how to break down information and attract visitors with text and design. The session leaders will discuss the usefulness of infographics, what they are, and how to devise them. Participants are encouraged to bring in specific questions for their own text they might be writing. Participants will work together with example text (or brought in text) to determine how best to display the given information. Discussions will come from each activity and bring a deeper understanding to the material.

The 2014 SEMC meeting is being held in Knoxville, Tennessee, and will take place from October 20-22. Carol and Callie’s session, entitled “Crash Course on Interpretive Writing,” is scheduled for October 21, from 9:30 to 11:00 am.

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