Inna Moore to Present at the South Carolina Arc Users Network Conference

On February 12, GIS specialist Inna Moore will present at the South Carolina Arc Users Network Conference (SCARC) in Columbia, South Carolina. Her paper is titled “Using Desktop GIS and Mobile Mapping Devices to Streamline Large Scale Historic Architectural Resources Surveys.”

As explained by Ms. Moore, large scale historic architectural resource surveys present project managers with a variety of logistical problems. These surveys cover extensive areas, include thousands of architectural resources, produce large quantities of data, and require tremendous amounts of time, money, and management. Many of these issues can be alleviated by implementing not only office based GIS, but also by incorporating a mobile mapping device. Using office GIS, a comprehensive database can be created for all resources inside a study area. The database should consist of existing GIS layers (parcels, building footprints, previously surveyed area, recorded historic architectural resources, etc.) provided by the local governing agencies. It can then be uploaded onto an ESRI based mobile mapping device for use in the field. By using these mobile devices, architectural historians will be able to easily identify areas that have not been surveyed, survey eligible resources, create field strategies, and evaluate and record all pertinent information. After the completion of the field survey, the data can be downloaded, cleaned, and presented to the governing agencies in the form of digital databases and paper forms. By using both of these systems, architectural historians can be more efficient saving time and money while producing a more consistent cleaner product.

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