Learn about St. George’s Parish Church and Cemetery

Larry James, an Archaeologist in our Charleston office, will be presenting at the 71st annual meeting of the Southeastern Archaeological Conference (SEAC) taking place in November in Greenville, South Carolina. Mr. James’ recent research focuses on the ruins of St. George’s Parish Church at the Colonial Dorchester State Historic Site in Summerville, South Carolina. The church and it’s associated cemetery were in use from 1719 through the 1830s.

The surviving bell tower of St. George’s is a stark reminder of an 18th-century Anglican community that endured years of prosperity, war, fire, and abandonment. Archaeological investigations that took place in 2012 and 2013 allowed researchers to study the enigmatic past of this sacred site. This work illuminated the connection between the spatial arrangement, architecture, and material remains of St. George’s Parish Church and cemetery and the larger community of Dorchester. Mr. James’ paper will  present the results of this investigation and detail the archaeological integrity of this unique historic landscape.

Mr. Jame’s  presentation is included in a symposium titled “Archaeology in South Carolina State Parks,” which will also feature papers on sites at Charlestowne Landing and Hampton Plantation. We are pleased to note that Mr. James is one of several researchers who will be representing Brockington at SEAC later this year.

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