Lyon Family Farm Public Archaeology

On April 6, 2013, Alicia Sullivan of Brockington and Associates, Inc., and her son, Austin, took part in an open-to-the-public archaeological dig on the historic site of Lyon Family Farm, located in the National Heritage Area in Arabia Mountain Park. The farm is considered an original settler house and was founded around 1800 by a Revolutionary War soldier on land ceded by the Creek Nation. Volunteers, along with state archaeologists and historians, gathered at the official state dig to continue to search the grounds for evidence of slave cabins at a location documented in Lyon family history. During the four-hour session, over thirty volunteers and professionals worked two separate areas to try and find historic and possible prehistoric remnants of past inhabitants of the land. Alicia and Austin took turns carefully digging layers of soil that was placed into buckets then run through a quarter-inch mesh screen. Some of the artifacts discovered included ceramic sherds, nails, window glass, and other fragments of objects that were placed into plastic bags for categorization. The Arabia Mountain Heritage Area Alliance, in partnership with the Georgia Historic Preservation Division, offers these open to the public sessions twice a year, in spring and fall. It is a great experience and a wonderful opportunity for the public to try actual, hands-on archaeology.

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