Meagan Brady Talks Archaeology with Summer Campers

Meagan Brady, the laboratory supervisor for our Atlanta office, was invited to talk to kids at Camp Bulloch this past week.  The annual summer camp is hosted by historic Bulloch Hall in Roswell, Georgia, which was the childhood home of Theodore Roosevelt’s mother, Mittie Bulloch.

The Camp Bulloch “Rough Riders,” a group of 6-10 year-olds, were able to handle and sort real artifacts, just like Meagan does in the lab. In a second activity, they learned more about archaeology in the most delicious way possible, with chocolate chip cookies!  In the “cookie excavation” activity, kids were asked to carefully excavate chocolate chips from their cookies with toothpicks, in a way that is similar to how archaeologists try to carefully remove artifacts from the ground. The activity encourages forethought and patience (will you break one chip to get at another?).  The activity also demonstrates how archaeologists don’t just “dig” in the ground, they excavate using precise methods. Of course, the campers were able to enjoy their cookie sites at the end of the lesson!

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