Phyllis Johnson Presents at SEAC

Phyllis Johnson, an Archaeologist in our Elizabethtown, Kentucky office, presented recent research at the Southeastern Archaeological Conference (SEAC) in Nashville, Tennessee on November 19. Ms. Johnson’s paper, “Assessing Mobility at 15McN15: A Late Paleoindian/Early Archaic Period Retooling Station” details a buried archaeological component that was recorded in McCracken County, Kentucky.

Within this Late Paleoindian/Early Archaic component, nearly 5,000 prehistoric artifacts were recovered, consisting mainly of lithic debitage.  Only seven Paleoindian sites have been recorded near this portion of the Ohio River, and all consist of surface finds that lack a subsurface component.  Perhaps most importantly, site 15McN15 represents the only Dalton Culture archaeological site that has been identified in Kentucky with intact deposits and good context. By studying the lithic artifacts recovered from the buried component of site 15McN15, archaeologists may learn important information about Early Holocene settlement and mobility in the region.

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