Prayer Quilts for Mother Emanuel

In the days and weeks after the tragedy of June 17th, 2015, Mother Emanuel AME Church received an outpouring of support. Visitors from around the world came to Mother Emanuel to express their condolences and left letters, flowers, candles, artwork, posters, and countless other items in front of the church. The church community wanted to share a sample of those items, and chose prayer quilts because Mother Emanuel received over beautiful 400 examples. Given in love, a prayer quilt is made to warm, soothe, and cover the recipient in prayers. The History Workshop assisted in the creation of an exhibit featuring these quilts, which is open to the public.

Mother Emanuel is honored to present this selection of items in thanks to those who presented the community with compassionate and kind gifts. This exhibition is presented by Mother Emanuel AME, the City of Charleston, and the members of Charleston Archives Libraries and Museum Council.

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