SEAC 2016 – The House Between the Rock Piles

An archaeologist from our Atlanta office, Jana J. Futch, will present information on a recent Brockington Data Recovery project at the 2016 annual Southeastern Archaeological Conference in Athens, Georgia. Ms. Futch will be presenting on Thursday, October 27th at 11:20 am, in the General Session: Flora, Fauna, and Foodways. The title and abstract of the paper are below.

The House Between the Rock Piles: Results of Phase III Data Recovery at 9GE2085

Brockington and Associates completed a Data Recovery project at 9GE2085, a multicomponent site with two rock piles in Greene County, Georgia. The historic occupation of this site, dating from c. 1800-1830, represents one of the earliest Euroamerican habitations recorded in the Oconee River drainage. This review will focus on the possible historic residents of 9GE2085, an interpretation of the two rock piles, an examination of the material culture recovered from the site, and the results of a paleoethnobotanical analysis that identified a surprisingly diverse array of plant remains from a feature associated with the earliest historic occupation of the site.

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