Society for Historical Archaeology Papers

Shannon Dunn presented a paper called “Synthesizing Sources: Representing Data in Household Archaeology,” at the Society for Historical Archaeology conference in Toronto. Shannon presented this paper in the session called “Between Words and Things: Struggling with Sources in Historical Archaeology,” that she co-organized with Heather Gibson of Virginia Central University.

There were many other Brockington presentations at the conference. Alex Sweeney presented his paper “The Archaeology of Indian Slavers and Colonial Allies: Excavations at the Yemasee Capital of Altamaha Town.” Carol Poplin presented “As a Living Part of Our Community: Sharing the Past with the Public through CRM,” and Eric Poplin presented “… Not even the remains of the dead were held sacred by this rapacious banditti!!!: The 1814 Raid of the US Privateer Midas on Royal Island, The Bahamas.”

Andrew Agha and Nicole Isenbarger presented in a session entitled, “The Atlantic World within the Lowcountry? Archaeological Perspectives of Colonial South Carolina Landscapes.” Andrew’s paper, written with Charlie Philips, was called, “Landscapes of Cultivation: Inland Rice Fields as Landscapes and Archaeological Sites.” Nicole’s paper was called, “The Enterprise of the Enslaved: Looking at the Landscape of the Slaves’ Internal Marketing System.”

In addition, Lauren Andersen presented a paper she co-wrote with Kate Egner: “A Snapshot of History: Fairfield through Photographs.”

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