Southeastern Archaeological Conference

Tom Whitley presented a paper at the 65th Annual Meeting of the Southeastern Archaeological Conference, held in Charlotte, North Carolina, October 12 to 14. Tom’s paper, “Riverfront Village (38AK933): A Multi-component Mississippian and Contact Period Site on the Middle Savannah River,” is an overview of the results of excavation and interpretation for an Early Mississippian and Seventeenth to Early Eighteenth Century village occupation in North Augusta, South Carolina.

Jon Marcoux presented his paper, “”Chronology from Glass Beads: The English Period in the Southeast, ca. AD 1607-1783.” This paper discusses an attempt to create a seriation method for assigning occupation estimates to historic Indian sites using glass trade beads. The resulting chronology offers researchers a reasonably accurate method to identify undocumented seventeenth and eighteenth century Indian communities across the Southeast.

In addition, Carol Poplin presented a paper titled, “As a Living Part of Our Community: Sharing the Past with the Public through CRM.” Carol’s paper focuses on the cultural resource management industry. The industry has conducted federal and state mandated archaeological and historical investigations since the 1966 National Historic Preservation Act, yet the industry has not always shared with the public the information it finds. The paper explores the challenges of presenting archaeology to the public and offers ideas for breaking the boundaries that often exist between archaeological research and public interpretation.

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