USACE South Atlantic Division Administrative History

In 2012, Brockington and Associates completed A History of the South Atlantic Division of the US Army Corps of Engineers. Building on the work of three unpublished histories, the project chronicled the history of SAD during an extremely active period.  Legislation passed after World War II jump-started the rapid growth and modernization of the Southeast. The massive multiple-purpose reservoirs that provide hydropower, flood risk reduction, navigation, water supply and recreation to the people of the region were built in the 1950s and ‘60s, and contributed significantly to economic development. At the same time, SAD provided design, construction, and real estate support to the high concentration of military facilities in the region.  The post-war period also encompasses the rise of environmental awareness and a conscious effort on the part of the nation and the Corps to adopt a balanced philosophy of environmental values and benefits.  South Atlantic Division has also contributed management support to a variety of other in-country and overseas US agencies and international organizations, including disaster relief, emergency management, and military contingency operations. To complete this comprehensive history, a team of Brockington historians conducted primary and secondary research at archival repositories and agency offices. In addition, the project also involved an oral history component including interviews with both active and retired managers and several former SAD Commanders at various locations in the southeast.

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