Analysis of an Unknown Component at 38CH2048, Johns Island, South Carolina

Two archaeological technicians from our Atlanta office, Colin Partridge and James Page, will present analysis related to a Brockington Data Recovery project at the 2016 annual Southeastern Archaeological Conference in Athens, Georgia. Mr. Partridge will be presenting on Friday, October 28th at 5 pm, in the General Session: General Session: Enslaved Narratives and Plantation Studies. The abstract of the paper is below.

Analysis of an Unknown Component at 38CH2048, Johns Island, Charleston County, South Carolina

This paper focuses on an unknown component identified at 38CH2048, an eighteenth to nineteenth century plantation site on Johns Island, Charleston County, South Carolina. To determine whether this part of 38CH2048 is associated with a Post-bellum homestead or with Civil War troop movements on Johns Island, we performed a functional and qualitative analysis of the recovered artifacts and compared them against known contexts. Our presentation will include the results of these analyses, as well as a discussion of the methods and best practices researchers can utilize in examining future Civil War sites and other conflict-oriented components.

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