Brockington Archaeologists Explore Elemental Analysis of Lead Shot

On June 28 and 29, 2017 Scott Butler, James Page, and Stacey Whitacre attended a pXRF training workshop organized by the LAMAR Institute and the National Park Service (NPS) in Savannah, Georgia. The workshop was designed specifically for lead shot specialists and conflict archaeologists to look at the elemental make-up of lead shot collected from colonial and Revolutionary War battlefields and camp locations.

Along with colleagues, our conflict archaeologists learned the basics of elemental analyses using X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) and how to use a portable (“p”) XRF machine. Over the coming weeks, we’ll be using a pXRF to analyze lead shot from Brier Creek Battlefield, a Revolutionary War site, as well analyzing several brands of modern buck shot to determine if modern shot can be isolated from historic shot. Both these data sets will be added to a database for lead shot research that is being established by the National Park Service.

For more information on the workshop and how XRF technology can be used in conflict archaeology, follow the link to our Research section.

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