Brockington and Associates Opens New Office in Seattle, Washington

Dr. Thomas G. Whitley (Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh, RPA) has opened a new Brockington and Associates branch office in Seattle, Washington. Dr. Whitley is a company Vice President, and previously served as the branch manager and program manager of Brockington’s Atlanta office. He is originally from the Northwest, so the move to Seattle is both personally and professionally satisfying.

Dr. Whitley has more than 25 years of experience in both prehistoric and historic sites archaeology in the Southeast, Northwestern Plains, Southwest, Northeast, and Northwest United States. He specializes in computer and statistical applications of mathematical predictive modeling and settlement pattern analysis, as well as prehistoric and historic period perishables analysis. Dr. Whitley maintains an active research agenda, focusing on GIS applications both in and out of CRM. He has acted as principal investigator, project manager, or analytical specialist on more than 400 projects in the United States.

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