“Up From the Roots: Remembering Rural St. Johns County”

During their Regular Meeting on 7 February 2012, the St. Johns County Board of Commissioners recognized and praised the Brockington/THW Team responsible for producing the short film, Up From the Roots: Remembering Rural St. Johns County. Mr. Al Abbatiello, Chairman of our client organization, the William Bartram Scenic and Historic Highway Committee, began the presentation by briefly describing Brockington’s St. Johns County oral history program, the basis for the film, and recognizing Charlie Philips (Historian) and Jeff Gardner (Project Manager) for their contributions. Mr. Abbatiello also noted the film’s 2011 Outstanding Public Participation Award from the Florida Planning and Zoning Association, before premiering the 10-minute film for the Commission and meeting attendees. The film received praise from the Commissioners and hearty applause from the crowd.

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