Brockington Work at the Barrancas Site to be Featured at 2014 SAA Annual Meeting

Steve Rabbysmith will present information about the Barrancas Site at the next annual meeting of the Society for American Archaeology (SAA), to be held in Austin, Texas from April 23-27, 2014. The Barrancas Site (8SE1354) is a  large multi-component archaeological site located at Naval Air Station, Pensacola (NAS). The site has produced a wide variety of cultural material and intact deposits that are related to its extensive occupation, and reflective of its strategic importance on Florida’s Pensacola Bay.

Past investigations of the site have focused primarily on the substantial first Spanish Period occupation at the Presidio Santa Maria de Galve, and associated fortification San Carlos de Austria. However, a recent cultural resources compliance study carried out by Brockington on other portions of the site has revealed deposits associated with the American nineteenth century, including an Antebellum Creole home site, a Civil War Union encampment, and a post-Civil War Army installation.

The SAA presentation will provide an overview of the site’s later historical occupation and related archaeological remains, and will demonstrate the Navy’s commitment to preserving this and other important historic properties while maintaining its mission. Mr. Rabbysmith has been working with Brockington field archaeologist and University of West Florida graduate student Kad Henderson, as well as Carrie Williams, the Cultural Resource Manager of NAS, to put together the information for this presentation.  Mr. Rabbysmith’s talk will be part of the symposium entitled: Navy Archaeology, Recent Research, Critical Perspectives.

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