Kara Bridgman Sweeney Presents Ongoing Early Archaic Research

Dr. Bridgman Sweeney, an Archaeologist in our Savannah office, recently presented at the 70th annual meeting of the Southeastern Archaeological Conference (SEAC), held from November 6-10, 2013. Her paper, titled “Subregional Traditions and the Early Side-Notched Horizon in Florida” examines the relationships among Early Archaic groups in Florida through lithic analysis.

Dr. Bridgman Sweeney’s recent research identified evidence for relatively distinct subregional traditions within the Early Side-Notched Horizon. As part of an analysis of numerous side-notched tools (including hafted bifaces and unifaces) from throughout the Coastal Plain, she documented variation within the established Bolen and Edgefield Scraper artifact types throughout Florida. Dr. Bridgman Sweeney suggests that extensive social and information-sharing networks assisted Florida groups who often faced unpredictable environmental conditions during the Early Archaic. Numerous lines of evidence point to the existence of a social boundary comprised of the peninsular Gulf Coast, as well as north and north-central Florida.

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